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Carol’s Daughter Before It Became Mainstream…

Posted on by aderog

I’ve been using Carol’s Daughters’ products for many years, before it became a mainstream commercial product. My favorite products are the Tui Jojoba Shea Butter Hair Sheen and the Tui Hair Oil simply because it moisturizers my hair.

Wearing a wig for the show eight times a week has caused my hair to break and get brittle from pin curling my hair before each performance, but I have seen a great difference in my hair ever since I started using the Tui Sheen and oil. I have also tried the Healthy Hair Butter, but unfortunately I really don’t like the way it smells. The Healthy Hair Butter actually works as a great moisturizer, but for me in terms of skin care and hair care the scent of a product is very important. I was also extremely excited when I got the Hair Milk for Curly hair because it has always been a challenge to find one particular product that works well with my curly hair texture.

The Hair Milk shampoo, unfortunately, made my hair feel way to dry; it actually felt like while washing it was stripping my hair of its natural nutrients. I would definitely recommend the Hair Milk Conditioner. It really made my hair have a natural shine and moisture after washing, and I most say I really like the way it smells.

After washing my hair with the Hair Milk Shampoo and Conditioner, I explored using the Hair Milk Curl Definer and the Hair Milk Curl Booster. The Curl Definer worked extremely well with my hair, but I found that the Hair Curl Booster product was way to heavy and left my scalp flaky and white. Sorry Hair Milk Curl Booster was not for me.

Over all, I really like Carol’s Daughter and I will continue to support, but I most say I believe the prices of the products can be a little more affordable.

~Nicole Chantal de Weever

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