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Contest: Guess where in Chicago the FELA! van is and win PRIZES!

Posted on by aderog

Attention Chicagoans, or those who know the Windy City well enough to GUESS WHERE THIS VAN IS! The first Facebook user that can name the Chicago neighborhood in which the FELA! van below is parked wins a FELA! Cast Recording and FELA! Mug set. If you have no idea where this is, but want these things anyway, you can pick them up at the FELA! Store.  P.S. – has anyone seen this van?


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18 Responses to Contest: Guess where in Chicago the FELA! van is and win PRIZES!

  1. Shayna says:


  2. In chicago in wicker park on milwaukee st.

  3. Juan Corral says:

    Wicker park, on Milwaukee Avenue.

  4. Juan says:

    Wicker park

  5. Bruce Freier says:

    1549 N. Milwaukee in WickerPark

  6. Marquita Anderson says:

    YESSSSSS!!! I just saw the van on West Randolph Street downtown . In front of the Oriental Theater! I’m going to the show tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super Excited!

  7. Wicker Park….. Please see that Poundo gets my correct email address. She was to email me and she must have it wrong. Thank you

  8. Lynne says:

    Why argue? Wicker Park on Milwaukee Ave.

  9. Lynne says:

    Come see me sing at the Drake Hotel. I’m there till 12:30am. Coming to see the show 4/8/12. Saw Fela live three glorious times.I feel so blessed.

  10. Ricky B says:

    wicker park…

  11. Walter Street says:

    Lincoln Park

  12. Laurie K says:

    April 10, 2012 at 3:15 p.m. The Old School Records on Madison Street in fabulous Forest Park!

  13. Emily W says:

    1557 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, Il, Wicker Park at Jimmy Johns.

  14. Emily Williams says:

    The Fela van is at 1557 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Il at the Jimmy John’s in Wicker Park.

  15. Adrienne Pugh says:

    Wicker Park on Milwaukee Ave

  16. polett says:

    wicker park on milwaukee

  17. Patty says:

    I just saw the FELA van on the corner of East 107h and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan!

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