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Photos: The FELA! Queens have tea in honor of Women’s History Month

Posted on by aderog


Sunday March 18, 2012. The Queens of FELA! gathered with Founder of Kadence LLC., Karen St. Hilaire and owner of Therapy Wine Bar, Angela Terry.  There was a full menu assortment for the ladies including speciality teas made by CuriosiTeas NYC owner, Sheena Foster.  The ladies were able to unwind during their short break in NYC (as you may know, they’re working hard on tour). This was the first tea party that the FELA! Queens attended together, and they plan to incorporate tea parties into the remainder of the tour.
 ”The Queens of FELA! added an extra flair to what was a wonderful event. The ladies are genuinely regal and their interaction with the guests, made for a splendid Afternoon Tea.  The guests and all in attendance enjoyed their company and we look forward to having tea with the Queens again,” says Kadence Founder Karen St. Hilaire.
Thanks to Adero Green for the photos! To see more, visit our Facebook page.

5 Responses to Photos: The FELA! Queens have tea in honor of Women’s History Month

  1. Karen says:

    It was my pleasure having these amazing women for Tea. I hope to do it again n the near future.

  2. Akwaaja says:

    How do I get copy of DVD of “Fela on Broadway” ? How much does it cost? Thanks.

  3. kathleen raymond says:

    Thursday night i had the chance to see this wonderful wonderful show. the joy the spirit the singing their movements most of all the story that comes with the show. well done. after the show got some time to hear.how they became who they are today. Amazing group of young people thank u. Kathleen Raymond

  4. Ayodele says:

    I caught FELA in New York and it was one fabulous show! To my surprise, the infamous Patti LaBelle played the role of Fela Kuti’s deceased mother and did her thing! The dancers were absolutely OFF THE CHAIN and I would LOVE to see it a second time…perhaps in another city. However, New York welcomes you to return! The house was FULL and everyone was on their feet dancing with the cast!!! Amazing!

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