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Video: The Cambridge Youth Dance Program joins FELA! on stage in Boston

Posted on by aderog

This video comes to us by way of Adero Green: check out The Cambridge Youth Dance Program (CYDP) showing off their moves at The Cutler Majestic Theatre during our run in Boston on May 1st.

On April 30, FELA! cast member Iris Wilson met with the girls of Cambridge Youth Dance Program at their dance studio in North Cambridge. She assisted with staging and counts, as the girls had already  choreographed a presentation for the curtain call. The following girls participated in this presentation:

Maria Kaestner, 18
Brianna Frazier, 16
Roxanne Rivard, 16
Anna Workman, 15
Chiara Bercu, 14
Alanna Logan, 12
Caroline Workman, 12

The Cambridge Youth Dance Program is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing the talented and artistic youth of the community with intensive dance training and pre-professional performance opportunities. They use the art of dance as a vehicle to increase self-esteem, focus, teamwork, creativity, artistic expression, and music appreciation. They reward excellence, leadership, and talent with scholarships and pre-professional performance opportunities to the youth of the community. They promote smart life choices and encourages students to become positive role models. They unite people across racial, ethnic, and social barriers bringing awareness, respect, friendship, and community-wide social change, which are all components that the production of FELA! emphasizes in every city.

Director Debbie Mason says, “What a truly inspirational and unique experience for my students, to share the stage and be so warmly embraced by the cast of Fela! — is something they will never forget. I believe they are walking around the studio with their heads held a little higher after this. Thank you, to everyone!”

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